Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrate World Malbec Day - Thursday April 17 - with a glass of Malbec from Argentina or France or Canada or the United States or…...

Malbec heaven!  A Top 100 Wine Spectator wine, scored at 90 points and available in BC for just $19.99!

Happy World Malbec Day!  

It's April 17th each year and wine lovers celebrate one of the most accessible, enjoyable and simply drinkable grape varietals you can wine on the planet!

I love Malbec for all those reasons and one more - it is one of the great values in wine, providing a lot of delicious taste for often the most modest expenditure.

Here in British Columbia we have available a huge variety of Malbecs - according to the Vancouver Sun's excellent wine columnist Anthony Gismondi there are dozens of Malbec and Malbec blends in government and private liquor stores at a wide range of prices.

And you can celebrate World Malbec Day Wednesday April 17th at BC Liquor Stores events or just by purchasing a bottle to go with dinner.  

So here are just a few personal favourites that you can easily find: 

Norton Malbec Reserva 2010 - a Wine Spectator Top 100 Wine of 2012, with a 90 point score and for sale for just $19.99 in BC Liquor Stores!  

And there are over 1,000 bottles across BC - so no excuse to not celebrate World Malbec Day with this bottle from Argentina for dinner.  Full of berry, plum and smoky flavours, it would go great with a steak or pasta or sausages or just about anything.
Big, bold Bramare Malbec by Vina Cobos

Want to live large with the Easter weekend upon us?  Then spend a big $44.99 and you won't regret buying the 2011 Vina Cobos Bramare Valle de Uco Malbec.  This is a massive but complex Argentina Malbec that I first tried at the Vancouver International Wine Festival and was blown away by how great it was.

Raspberry, blueberry, spice and herb - this has it all and layers of complexity.  It was simply one of the best values at the Wine Festival and easily outperformed much more expensive wines being poured there. There are over 300 bottles available across BC. 

Last but far from least, try Catena's always wonderful Malbec from Argentina also - currently on sale for $20.99, marked down $2 by BC Liquor Stores till May 3, with a massive 3,200 plus bottles available.

It's scored 91 point by the Wine Spectator -and I tried it tonight and loved as usual.  Lots of bright jammy red berry fruit, a bit of smoke and espresso.

Delicious Catena 2011 Malbec
But whatever you decide - you can't go wrong with Malbec!

Pick one up whether from the Cahors region in France or Argentina and Happy World Malbec Day!



Bill Tieleman said...

Had the Vina Cobos 2011 Bramare Malbec last night - awesome wine once again! Expensive but well worth it!

Anonymous said...

What are work conditions like in the French wine industry? For example, exploiting Romani people to pick grapes etc... I understand that Saskia Sassen has written about this long-standing practice in France. It seems odd that it is tolerated. Are some wineries known for treating their workers better than others?

I quickly searched through your posts to look for any information about labour and the wine industry but I didn't find anything. Maybe I missed something though.

Unknown said...

Hey Bill
I personally do not do wine except when I am with a special companion at a special night out.I prefer beer as in draft and cans of Black Label testing eight percent. However, when driving a vehicle, I like Mr, O' Duels. My two special lady companions like wine. But only one enjoys that Skinny Girl brand. Both qualify to use that brand as they are top heavy,tom boys, attend fitness world and of course are single and good looking as well as smart in both the head and the clothes they wore.The reason for this message is that brand was a hit at both my two first annual open houses held this year. I plan two more this year as to increase my circle of associates.That in turn will increase voters for the NDP in the next election because such a Government would make me a very happy camper. I trust there are no copy cats on this site. As always , thank you Sir William.