Monday, April 17, 2017

Celebrate World Malbec Day - Monday April 17

Time to break out the Malbec - and celebrate World Malbec Day today - April 17 

Dona Paula Malbec
Malbec is one of the world's great red grapes - and while relatively popular, it's nowhere near a big seller as Shiraz/Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon - the two big reds.

So the smart folks in Argentina - Malbec country, along with parts of France - had a brilliant idea awhile back - create a World Malbec Day - to help promote their favourite grape.

I love it - Malbec and World Malbec Day - and I'm drinking a great bottle as I write to help out.

Malbecs come in every price range - so here's a few to try, whether it's today or any day! 

Malbec is particularly great with grilled steak and other grilled meat but it's vegetarian friendly and yes, if you insist, you could pair it with fish.  I'd go for a lighter, fruitier style over a big, bold Malbec and match it with a strong flavoured fish or fish sauce but it will work.

On the lower price end - try Dona Paula Malbec Estate 2015 - with a bouquet of blueberries and violets as well as red berry fruit.  
BenMarco Expressivo

It sells for $18.99 at BC government liquor stores and others plus tax and will give you an authentic taste of Argentinian Malbec.

I'm loving the BenMarco Expressivo 2014 that I'm drinking today - it's a blend of 80% Malbec and 20% Cabernet Franc - a big wine with dusty, chocolatey, smoky notes along with cherries and violets.

Robert Parker's website rates it 92 points - a very impressive score that I concur with.

And it's available in BC government liquor stores across the province - at a price of $46.99 plus tax - a special occasion wine to be sure but well worth it if you can buy one.

Last but not least, we can't celebrate World Malbec Day without a bottle from the south of France - renowned for the grape, especially in Cahors.

The Paul Mas Pays d'Oc Estate Single Vineyard Collection Malbec Gardemiel Vineyard Malbec 2015 - that's a mouthful but so is the wine - is a very reasonable $13.99 a bottle plus tax at BC government liquor stores and elsewhere - and it delivers real value.  

Paul Mas Malbec
Look for currants, red fruit, licorice, floral and pepper notes in this one.  Anthony Gismondi rates it 89 points while the Wine Spectator gives it an 86 - either way, you are getting lots of wine for your dollar.

So enjoy a Malbec today or any other time - and watch this space for more wine recommendations in the near future!