Friday, September 12, 2014

Think Pink: summer's still here and there's still time to drink great rose wines!

Miraval - from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to you!
Rose is the quintessential wine of summer to me - and million of other drinkers around the globe!

Did you know that a shocking one-third of all wine sold in France today is rose?  Amazing.

Fortunately for us, the French are happy to export some of their best rose wines - as are the Spanish - and BC makes some darn fine ones too.

A personal favourite is better know for its owners than its name - Miraval from Provence in southern France.

The owners are a new couple trying their hand at wine: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!  

And if you don't think life is unfair, their very first vintage in 2012 was one of the Wine Spectator's Top 100 wines of last year, scoring 90 points!  Of course, it helps that they partnered with the great Perrin family of winemakers who bring centuries of experience to the vineyard.

Miraval's current 2013 vintage is scored 90 by Robert Parker and 89 by the Wine Spectator and - time to rush - it is still available in BC Liquor Stores, with 169 bottles available across BC at $28.99 - not cheap but hey, it's movie star wine!  [I should note that your friendly local liquor store can usually bring bottles in for you at no charge if not available.]

This rose is simply delicious - strawberry notes, a touch of rose petals and goes with just about anything - salmon, appetizers, chicken - you name it.  

A second personal favourite is Domaine Lafond's Roc Epine 2013 rose from Tavel in Provence.

Domaine Lafond
A deeper darker rose than the Miraval and done in a different style, this is the wine that changed my mind about rose wines some years ago.

Loads of cherry fruit and lots of flavour - just a beautiful wine. Robert Parker rates this at 91 points while the Wine Spectator scores it 89.

There are 271 bottles available in BC Liquor Stores for $24.99.  As you can see from the prices, these are serious bottles and not the Mateus we all drank in high school in the funny bottle!

Another great choice at a more modest price is Muga 2013 rose from Spain.

A lighter style than the Tavel but very lovely and at $17.99 a little more affordable. No ratings on this vintage but past years have always scored int he high 80s.

There are 349 bottles available across BC.  
Muga Rose from Spain

Last but not least - British Columbia's own Joie makes a fabulous rose wine in Naramata and the 2013 is an excellent choice at $20.93.  There are 1200 bottles in BC Liquor Stores across the province. 

Joie makes it in a full bodied style with lots of berry fruit.  It's made with 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Gamay, which give it both strawberry and black cherry flavours - delicious.

So Think Pink as we approach the end of summer - and open a rose this weekend!
BC's own Joie 2013 Rose from Naramata