Wednesday, April 17, 2019

World Malbec Day is today - Wednesday April 17, 2019! Pop open a Malbec wine tonight!

Yes, it's World Malbec Day again - April 17 - that day of the year where we celebrate the delicious grape that has made its mark in Argentina and is a staple in France!  

So your patriotic international duty as a wine lover is to open a bottle of Malbec tonight with your dinner - whether it be a fabulous steak or a veggie hot dog - Malbec is very adaptable to food.  

The best thing about Malbec is that it it nearly impossible to go wrong buying a bottle at any price.  I often recommend a modest Malbec costing less than $13 if one is on a tight budget;  I also have no problem suggesting a $100 plus bottle of Malbec for a special occasion or cellar choice.

Luigi Bosca and Catena Malbecs
So don't be worried about getting the perfect bottle - just pick one and enjoy!

But....the Wine Barbarian does play favourites!  Here are a few choices I can heartily recommend.  And even better - a few are actually on sale at the BC Liquor Stores this week!

I'm a big fan of the Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2016 from Argentina's Mendoza region in Lujan de Cayo.  Lots of dark fruit going on - cherry, blackberry and plum - plus some espresso and dark chocolate! Mmmmm.  On sale for $2 off right now till April 27 at $21.99 and widely available - check here for a link to BC Liquor Store locations.

More favourites from Argentina - the Luigi Bosca Malbec 2016 and the Catena High Mountain Malbec 2016.  Both highly dependable choices vintage after vintage and both on sale - the Bosca for $4 off at $19.99 and the Catena for $2 off at $21.99 and both available all over BC- so no excuse for no Malbec tonight! 

Check here for Bosca and here for Catena at BC Liquor Store locations.

Domaine Bousquet Malbec
Another can't-miss modest Malbec is the Domaine Bousquet Malbec 2018 - on sale for just $14.99 right now!  Again, widely available - check here.    

But if the sky is the limit as well if you want to spend big bucks - I recommend the Catena Zapata Argentino Malbec 2015 - but only if you have $129 to spend on it! Beautiful wine tasted at the Vancouver International Wine Festival - and yes, it's available but in limited locations.

I have omitted my French connection - Cahors is the home of Malbec in France - and there are a few nice selections there too.

I must confess I haven't tried this one but it's a Malbec so it has to be good: Chateau Eugenie Tradition Malbec 2015 - available in some BC locations here

But however you go, go Malbec tonight! There are many more good choices if you can't find these ones.  And enjoy!