Friday, December 27, 2013

Puddifoot store - a Vancouver institution for wine and food fans - is sadly closing December 31 - but hurry to Kerrisdale for fantastic deals!


Original item: The fabulous Puddifoot store in Kerrisdale that has served Vancouver wine and food fans for over 60 years is sadly closing after December 31.

I recently spoke with Jason Puddifoot about the retail institution and the good news is that their wholesale business serving the restaurant and food service business is booming and will continue.

But those of us who depended on Puddifoot's multi generation store for the fabulous Riedel and other wine and whisky glasses and carafes, cutlery, plates, candlesticks and much more for the kitchen and dining room will be out of luck.

The brief bright spot is that everything is on sale now through December 31 at remarkable savings!

I've already bought my wine glassware for the next year or two, depending on breakage!

I encourage, if not urge you to head over there and help Puddifoot clean out the store with fabulous savings to you. 

Best wishes to Jason and John Puddifoot, their family and the many dedicated staff that have served me over many, many years - good luck continuing the wholesale business and see you at the Vancouver International Wine Festival again this year!

Call 604-261-8141 if you need to check hours.

CORRECTION: I mixed up Jason with John in an earlier version - now fixed.


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