Friday, March 22, 2013

Only half as good at twice the price! Wine Spectator's "Wine of the Week" is double the cost in BC!

Why does a chardonnay from Australia priced at $6 a bottle in the United States and sold for as low as $4.05 - and praised as Wine Spectator's "Wine of the Week"  - cost $12 a bottle in British Columbia?  

And does BC Liquor Minister Rich Coleman still disagree with me on the high price of wine in BC? 

Simple question to Rich Coleman: why does Lindeman's Bin 65 Chardonnay cost $6 on average in the United States and as low as $4.05 cost double to triple as much at $12 in British Columbia?

Does the term "greedy government" come to mind?  I thought it might.

But first - here's what the Wine Spectator - one of the world's leading wine magazine's - said about its "Wine of the Week" for March 18:

"Lindemans Chardonnay South Eastern Australia Bin 65 2011 (86 points, $6) 
Light and sleek, with pretty pear and floral flavors, lingering softly. Drink now. 100,000 cases imported. From Australia." 

Sounds delicious!  And knowing past vintages, it likely is.

But cheap it is not - not in BC by comparison.

Let me be clear - I totally support so-called "sin" taxes on liquor, tobacco and gambling paying for important social services like health care and education.

And I have no problem personally paying more than the average American in taxes, especially considering the benefits of public health care in Canada.

But DOUBLE the price in BC?  Actually TRIPLE the price compared to several Florida liquor stores! Seriously?

As regular readers know, I've written about this before and even posed the question of why BC wine drinkers pay amongst the highest prices in North America to Coleman on this edition of Voice of BC with host Vaughn Palmer on Shaw.

I'd say he dodged big time with his lame answers.

But you be the judge - is there any way an affordable $6 wine in the U.S. is justifiable for $12 in BC?  

Of course not - but if that doesn't piss you off enough, remember that the Lindemans Bin 65 will likely cost you $24 to $36 in any BC restaurant when they mark it up by 100% or more of the retail price!

I've written about that gouging too on this blog - but nothing has changed. 

So all I can do is whine some more about the outrageous price of wine in BC!


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