Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drinking and eating and drinking and eating in New Orleans - coming soon!

I'm on Wine Barbarian assignment in New Orleans, the culinary capital of the United States, eating and drinking and eating and drinking my way through some of this city's finest restaurants and bars.

And hear about our encounter with Nicholas Cage - filming a new movie on the streets of the French Quarter!

On the restaurant list: Les Forets, August, Patois, Cochon, Acme Oysters, Bourbon House, Coop's and more.

So stay tuned for a full report on mixed beverages and wine with rabbit, alligator, pork ears, crawfish, duck, venison, foie gras and way too many oysters here soon!


Urban Cowgirl said...

can't wait for the post-game review on New Orleans! never been but it's on the list. GO SAINTS!

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks and don't miss going there - wish I'd been years ago! Sorry the reviews aren't up yet but soon.