Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What wines we're drinking this week

Wines we enjoyed this week - finally an update after a long delay - sorry about that!

We loved a great 2006
Cedar Creek Estate Select Chardonnay - for just under $20 - great classic California chardonnay tastes but from BC.

Lots of tropical fruit, butterscotch and buttery oak - you gotta like it and at a lower price than anything similar from south of the border.

* * * * *

If you haven't tried Old River Road - a great California organic winery - their
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon is killer. With a 76% cab sauv and 24% cab franc blend, this one has lots of dark fruit and the French oak aging to make it last.

It may be hard to find - it was a special listing for the Playhouse International Wine Festival, but try private stores or check the
winery website.

* * * * *

If you have a bit of spare change, you can't go wrong with
Rocca delle Macie's 2003 Toscana Roccato - a super Super Tuscan wine.

Wine Spectator gives it a 90 point rating and if anything, I'd give it 92-93 points. A huge, layered wine with lots of blackberry, plum and chewy fruit, this wine is made for Italian food.

And that's exactly what we did - enjoyed it immensely at the marvelous La Buca restaurant in Kitsilano this week - watch for a review here of that fine food establishment soon.

* * * * *

Rose anyone? If you are thinking Mateus and the 1970s, I say get over it!

Today's excellent roses are dry, dry, dry and top quality wines.

This week I tried one of my favourites again - the
Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine from the Tavel region of the Cotes du Rhone. It's not cheap - $24 in BC - but it's worth every penny.

Bone dry, beautiful strawberry colour and fabulous strawberry and raspberry flavours as well as a touch of spice. Will pair nicely with just about anything you want - from grilled meat to appetizers.

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